Process Engineering for elaborating and recycling of polymer materials (PP)


This topic aims at developing knowledge, concepts, theory, methods and tools for elaboration processes of polymer-based new materials and products of high added values and controlled use properties. We have been focusing for many years on reactive extrusion on the one hand, and polymerization processes on the other hand. We have continued with these activities for the last 5 years, with one major evolution: as of now, the processes and materials we develop also include considerations about renewable resources, secondary raw materials and the protection of the environment. We are furthermore interested in additive fabrication (3D printing) and in the development of new polymer materials for transport and energy.


- Elaboration of materials of controlled properties;
- Multicriteria optimization, decision-support tools;
- Speciric polymerization reactors, in-line sensors;
- Polymerization in one phase and multiphase domains;
- Reactive and non-reactive extrusion (micro/nano structuration, stabilization of multiphasic materials, extrusion in supercritical conditions, polymer purification by devolatilization …) ;
- Stabilization of multiphasic materials;
- Dynamic optimization of polymerization processes ;
- Control of polymerization reactors.