Chemical Engineering of complex rheology media (GEMICO)


The foundation of an industrial chair in 1991 (GEMICO) on this topic led to the development of a national expertise on the triangle “microscopic processes-engineering processes-products”. In order to control this triangle, it is necessary to establish laws linking the macroscopic behavior of the studies materials, their microscopic structure and the physico-chemical processes involved during their elaboration, in particular at the interfaces. To this aim structural behavior models must be derived, integrating the non-linear, non-equilibrium, complex rheology, multiphasic, evolving and reacting character of the involved materials. Such materials can be found in the cosmetics, construction materials, agri-food or pharmaceutical industries.


- Systemic rheology
- Rheophysics
- Rheology of granular media
- Emulsions and emulsification
- Mass transport in complex media
- Mixing in complex media
- Computational fluid dynamics
- Interface characterization and modification
- Surfactants synthesis