Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Leader: Philippe Marchal

The team develops concepts and methodologies to design and optimize processes for the elaboration of multi-structured products/materials of specific use properties. The scientific approach is characterized by:
- An integrated multi-scale approach, from the microscopic elementary processes up to the macroscopic use properties and functions, by controlling the engineering process;
- A transdisciplinary approach (rheology, computational fluid dynamics, material science, chemistry and physical-chemistry);
- A development of methods and tools for the advanced characterization of processes: systemic rheology, in-line metrology, modelling and simulation.

The main scientific challenges of the team are :
- The development of models to predict the use properties based on the initial compositions.
- The understanding and control of the interactions between various transfer phenomena at different process scales;
- The multiscale structuration of multicomponent, out of equilibrium, evolving products of complex rheology;
- The analysis and the control of processes and products and their transposition from batch to continuous operation;
- The multicriteria optimization of processes and products by integrating resource sobriety in the processes.

In order to respond to these challenges, the team has structured its activities into the following 3 topics, which share the same scientific approach:
Topic 1: Elaboration and recycling of polymer materials
Topic 2: Chemical engineering of complex rheology media