Elaboration and forming of divided media (EMMAD)


The activities of this topic concern the elaboration of solid particles and their forming in order to obtain controlled use properties. The studied subjects form part of product engineering: indeed, they aim at proposing the best strategy to obtain one or more properties of solid products by an appropriate choice of synthesis conditions, process driving or formulation modification. The investigation on the link between the physical or chemical characteristics and the use properties is also part of the approach, which can be experimental or theoretical.


- Synthesis and functionalization of fluorescent nanocrystals (quantum dots), organic/inorganic hybrid materials and heterostructured nanomaterials for catalysis and photocatalysis;
- Precipitation or crystallization processes to obtain products of controlled properties. Application to hydrometallurgy, water treatment, nanoparticles synthesis, melt crystallization;
- Forming processes of divided solids: powder mixing, powder rheology, wet granulation, compression, extrusion.