Processes for the environment, safety and recovery of resources

leader: Olivier Dufaud

The global industrial growth lead undoubtedly to the enhancement of living conditions. However, it is also the source of risk on the security of people, property and environment integrity. In parallel, for more than half a century, the combination of population growth and increased consumption has posed threats to mankind, including the degradation of ecosystems, climate change and the depletion of natural resources.

Improving the quality of the environment (air, water, soil), the rational use of resources and the control of industrial risks have thus become fundamental issues in the context of a sustainable economy and development. As an integrative science, process engineering helps address these challenges.

Within the Perseval axis, three teams (Safety Aerosol Filtration Explosion - SAFE, Soils & Waters, and SYSPOL) join forces to meet these scientific challenges by:

developing innovative processes to treat effluents (gaseous, aerosol, liquid) and pollutants (soils),

offering inherently cleaner and safer processes, including the use of multi-scale approaches,

contributing to the rational management of resources, by valuing secondary resources little or not exploited (hydrometallurgy, anaerobic digestion, recovery of waste, etc.),

designing and / or optimizing processes allowing the use and production of renewable energies (electrochemical processes for the conversion of energy ...),

developing tools for environmental analysis of processes for the evaluation of impacts and risks.