Safety Aerosol Filtration Explosion


The SAFE team shares a vision and a common goal: to develop expertise in the field of risk prevention in order to offer intrinsically cleaner and safer processes. Three themes are more particularly addressed in terms of understanding phenomena, modeling, simulation and process optimization:

• Gas / particle separation,
• Adsorption,
• Explosion of dust.

The SAFE team is thus equipped with three specific technological platforms for the studies of i) aerosols and their filtration, ii) adsorbents and adsorption dynamics, iii) inflammation / explosion of powders and mixtures gas / dust. In addition to the experimental approach, numerical simulations are carried out in order to propose predictive approaches. Finally, the team collaborates with the INRS (French National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases) in particular within the framework of the LFA (Laboratory Filtration and Adsorption) joint laboratory.


- Physics and metrology of aerosols (micro / nanos),
- Filtration
- Gas / particle separation (bubble columns, granular beds ...),
- adsorption / desorption,
- Study of the adsorbent / adsorbate interactions,
- Design, modeling and sizing of purification and separation processes,
- Explosions of dust and hybrid mixtures,
- Process safety,
- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


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