Kinetic, Thermodynamic & Energy

Leader: René Fournet

The CiTherE axis regroups specialists in chemical kinetics, thermodynamics and chemical reaction engineering. They mainly focus on the development of more efficient, more economical and more environmentally friendly energy systems, through an approach that combines physical chemistry and process engineering. The experimental and theoretical work developed within CiTerE leads to an original approach to move from understanding and modeling phenomena at the molecular scale to the scale of the reactor or process.

The CiTherE axis is composed of 3 themes:
- The kinetics of pyrolysis, oxidation and combustion reactions that cover fields of study such as the formation and exploitation of oil, combustion in engines or burners, the formation of pollutants and the destruction of toxic substances chemically by thermal pathways.
- Thermodynamic for processes including thermodynamic of phase equilibria and the rational use of energy. Among the main areas of research the development of state equations for a wide range of industrial processes, the design of environmentally friendly solvents for extraction operations or for cycle thermodynamic, cycles of power or refrigeration.
- Thermochemical conversion of biomass, including pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction to produce green synthons or energetic vectors (synthesis gas, liquid fuels). The research covers different scales: 1) the study of reactions at the molecular scale, with original methods of analysis, 2) the study of reactors (modeling and testing) and 3) the environmental analysis of the different sectors