Biomass thermochemical conversion


The research activities are based on a multi-scale approach to deals with molecular mechanisms at reactors up to global analysis of processes.

At the molecular level, we study chemical mechanisms of pyrolysis and liquefaction of biomass and its constituents (cellulose, lignin, etc.). We also study the catalytic reactions of deoxygenation of biomass and oxidation of coal. At the reactor scale, we study fluidized beds (tests from 1g to 10kg / h) and reactors for pyrolysis / liquefaction of lignin and waste. At the scale of the process, we develop models under the software Aspen Plus in order to predict the material and energy balances, by associating the mobilization of the resource (transport, pretreatment) until the emission of pollutants. These data conduct to environmental analyzes of the sectors.


- Pyrolysis - gasification of biomass and waste
- Liquefaction of biomass, celluloses and lignins
- fluidized beds
- Analysis of tars by on-line mass spectrometry, gas and liquid chromatography
- Catalytic pyrolysis
- Catalytic reforming of methane and tars
- Selective depolymerization of polymers
- Reactions and catalytic reactors of hydrotreatment
- Characterization and reactivity of carbon (coal, coke, etc.)
- Solar thermochemical reactors