Soils & Waters


The team is focusing on treatment processes and on the dissemination of pollutants and micropollutants into natural media, waters and brownfield. These pluridisciplinary topic are partly studied in collaboration with other laboratories in the framework of the GISFI or ZAM. One of the topic that gain increasing interest is the valorization of metals from soils by hydrometallurgy or agromining. Anaerobic digestion and water treatment have an important place with modeling, simulation and development of new biological and advanced oxidation processes. The team works on compartmental approach, innovative design and environmental evaluation of processes.


Soils & Waters possesses different skills in the following areas:
- Pollutants transport into the soils
- Physico-chemical treatment of contaminated soils
- Advanced oxidation treatment, biological treatment of water/wastewater - water reuse
- Anaerobic digestion
- Modeling and simulation of reactors and systems/hydraulic circuit – compartmental modeling/CFD with reactions
- Valorization of metals present in soil
- Pollution flow in urban area, aquatic and industrial media – micropollutants
- Environmental analysis of processes
- Tracing and interpretation of RTD
- Innovative design - Innovation