Multiphase systems


On objects responding to technical or societal demands, the team studies the phenomena of transport or transfer of various intensities (momentum, matter, heat or charge) to different types of interfaces (bubbles, droplets, suspended solids, electrodes) by coupling them to the reaction phenomena, with a view to integrating them into a global production process. Two main areas are studied around the concept of the interface: electrochemical processes for environment and energy, and multiphase systems and interfaces in multi-scale approaches.


The skills of SYSPOL are mainly grouped in the following themes:
- Modeling, experimentation and multi-scale simulation
- Manipulation of drops and bubbles by an external field
- Agitation and multiphase mixing
- Electrochemical processes for the valorization of mineral resources and the treatment of effluents
- Optimal conversion of electrical energy (fuel cell durability, coupling with energy storage)