Engineering of transformation bioprocesses


The activity of this theme concern the development of microbial bioprocesses, the bioprocesses of animal cell culture and also the enzymatic bioprocesses. In order to develop in a rational way the most performing new bioprocesses, the whole of the research activity integrate both the experimental and numerical aspects on:

(i) the cell environment thanks to the macroscopic and the microscopic kinetic studies under controlled culture systems;
ii) the conception and the study of reactors for the biotransformation in order to obtain a fine comprehension of the effect of the environment on the performance of biocatalyst;
iii) the characterisation of reactional processes involved in order to control the obtention of active molecules of desired quality.


- Aerobial microbial bioprocesses for the metabolite production for the chemical industry (synthons), pharmaceutics (antibiotics) or for energy (hydrogen, methane).
- Bioprocesses of animal cell culture for the production of therapeutic proteins (antibody) or stem cells (produced cells)
- On-line spectroscopic analysis (NIR, RAMAN, di-electrical)
- Enzymatic bioprocesses of acylation of aminoacids, peptides and phenolic compounds.