Numerical and multi-scale bioprocesses engineering


The aim of this transversal theme consists first to develop numerical tools specific to the various themes of the research axis. The second aim is to develop generic methodologies to conciliate the various scales and then enable a better control of bioprocesses. These research activities are based on skills in molecular modelling, meso-modelling, and chimiometric models of multivariable analysis. Hence, coupling the modelling approach already present in the team (numerical fluid mechanic, macro and micro kinetic models of metabolic flux, transfert, models, etc.) to these former skills, this is then possible to conciliate the various studied scales, i.e. from biomolecules and from microorganism to the bioreactor, for the various bioprocesses studied.


- Molecular modelling
- Micro and macro kinetic modelling
- Meso-modeling
- Characterisation of the hydrodynamic of reactors (CFD)
- In-sillico optimization of the design of the bioreactors
- Extrapolation of processes
- Chimiometric models for multivariate analysis
- QSAR-type modelling
- Multi-criteria dynamic optimisation
- Evolutionary algorithms